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Building Your Portfolio

Hello Friends,

This one goes sort of for my colleagues; talented photographers looking for ways to build their portfolio.

It is not easy to have a killer portfolio; there are always people who make us feel jealous about their images, wonder how they got so lucky to shoot what they have. But you know what? building your portfolio is actually not that hard, it is even a fun process, let me share with you all my process to build my portfolio.

I moved full time to photography only four years ago. I was coming from more than 10 years working as Art Director and Graphic Artist for agencies, corporations, freelancing, you name it. I needed a change and I went for it.

When I posted about my existence as photographer I got some feedback, one of them was a printing company building a roster of photographers, they asked me for my portfolio, and guess what… I had nothing to show them.

So I went and made me one.

I started with the basics, Product shots. Bought a bunch of knives, cheeses, wines, shoes, a watch, sunglasses etc, shot it at my house, returned everything I didn’t ate or wore and of you go, I had 14 product shots to show. Awesome.

After that I have built my portfolio, with both, paid an d unpaid work. When I want a picture that I think is going to look good on my portfolio I just look for it, I don’t rely only on paid work to build it because first, I won’t have what I want on it, and second I’ll have to wait longer to have a killer portfolio.

So go out and build your portfolio, look for the shots you want on it, make it happen, don’t wait… and don’t let your clients know which pieces were paid for and which ones didn’t.

Keep on shooting,

Henckels Knives 1

Henckels Knives 1- Product Photography – We got new knifes for the kitchen that day


Ryobi Tools-Saw

Ryobi Tools-Saw-Product Photography – Love the return policy in Home Depot, who knew later I was going to be shooting for their agency


Boars Head Cheese 1 - Food Photography

Boars Head Cheese 1 – Food Photography – Of course my wife and I ate everything in the table


Introduction to Commercial Photography Seminar

March was a very busy month! We shot for Vans, Orchard and did some commercial videos for local businesses in south Florida, however the highlight of the month was the seminar I went to teach to Colombia.

The Foto Club Universitario of the prestigious Universidad del Cauca invited me to teach an introductory seminar in commercial photography. I had the unique opportunity of sharing my experience as an ad photographer with 18 avid students who were just so eager to learn and were on point taking notes.

We had two days where I gave them a presentation and then we shot two pieces of commercial photography, product and a cover page, we all had a great time.

Here some BTS, enjoy!

_MG_7364 _MG_7254 _MG_7286 _MG_7497 _MG_7726 _MG_7800 _MG_7817 _MG_7875 _MG_7929 _MG_8008 _MG_7614 _MG_7247 _MG_7257

How Planning is Critical to photoshoots for advertising?

Advertising is all about using attractive text and custom imagery to get the message across. The combination of images and texts has to be in line with the objective/brand image of the business they are being used to advertise. While the words have to be crisp, concise, and attention-seeking, images can too do with a bit of creativity and appeal. This is where an experienced advertising photographer, who has been at the center of several advertising photoshoots, comes into the picture. In addition to bringing to the table the experience of being a part of such advertising campaigns, a good advertising photographer adds another creative mind to the advertising team that has been trusted with the success of an advertising campaign.

advertising photographerAs we alluded to earlier, advertising images need to have a creative side to them more than anything else – they need to surprise the user with how beautifully they have been captured. And these qualities are usually seen in people who have spent a fair share of their time as designers, creative directors, or art directors. Being at the head of a creative project before makes these photographers capable of coming out with ideas and concepts that are usually missing from advertising imagery. They have what it takes to turn an ordinary live product into an image that exudes artistic appeal.

The best advertising photographers plan in detail before they shoot. Preparing a sketch and then discussing the changes with other members of the team could do wonders for the final product. How much lighting is needed in a particular setting or to highlight the best features of a product? And improvisation is always the key – this is a quality that is rare and found only in photographers who know how to get images speak more and a lot louder than words.

Choosing the Right Product Photographer – It’s the Detailing That Matters After All

You must have met and came across many photographers, calling themselves professional, but the word by intent focuses on quality that stands out! A professional photographer doesn’t necessarily mean someone who gets sneaked in between powerful parliamentarians or the one who got to fame clicking Mayweather take on McGregor, shooting a nice punch! A professional can be anyone, who gives you what you particularly desire with your pictures. Whether you are looking for a commercial product photographer, or someone who is the jack of many trades, but specializes in only one particular forte, you can get all your needs fulfilled – with Jordy Marin and his team’s passionate eye for the trade, and for precise detailing something that woos a potential customer, turning him into a returning/recurring customer.

Product PhotographerIf you are in search of a good product photographer – be sure you have someone who isn’t going to leave out the important close-ups while styling or shooting photos for your respective product (s). Apart from the usual tricks and flicks, creativity is what stands out going fiercely into the ever-so-competitive world. Look for a team of dedicated photographers obsessed with details and detailing. Shoot in a perspective, and when shooting outdoors, or on exquisite location ensure that the shoot is tethered, so that the clients can have a real-time effect and can give their reviews there and then in order to incorporate changes easily.

Ensure your products are shot in high resolution, and with the truest and brightest colors – so you can actually feel that you are touching the actual specimen when you zoom at the pictures.

Tips to shoot when you’re not supposed to
Guambiano Mother and Daughter

Guambiano Mother and Daughter

Some time ago I had the opportunity to travel to a tiny town in South America called Silvia Cauca. We traveled there to photograph the Guambianos, the aboriginals from the area come whom on that day come down from the mountains to the market. Their colorful clothes and their particular ethnicity are a delight to capture awesome pictures.  There was a catch however; they hate being photographed, specially by tourists like me and my team, and with fair reason, how would you like to be photographed as you were a circus freak?

Guambiano Mother With her Son

Guambiano Mother With her Son

Well I got the pictures, and not only that, but they turned out fantastic, even though the subject didn’t cooperate. This is the short story of how I managed to do it.

It was early in the morning when we arrived there, the town was already sizzling with life, colors, scents and packed with great compositions wherever the eye takes you.

We got off the car and I proceeded to load my Peak Design lens lock with my 50m, my 10-22 for wide angle shots, my 70-200 on my monopod and on my camera my ever faithful 28-135.

We started walking among the crowd, trying to snap some shots here and there but the multitude was fast and there were not opportunities to stop and shoot. After a while we decided to walk away from the crowd, on a high sidewalk and observe.  I loaded my 70-200 and started getting some shots from unaware walkers among the crowd, first decent shots of the day, thank God!

Guambiano Girl Eating Ice Cream

Guambiano Girl Eating Ice Cream

After a while we decided to get back in the crowd to walk inside the market.  This place  was magical, a true spectacle of color, the smells intensified, the people even more packed. I tried to snap some shots there and as my camera clicked I started to call the attention, in a bad way, the aboriginals started to dislike us, not good.

Guambiano Kid playing at the park

Guambiano Kid playing at the park

But I was there with a mission, to get those picture os the Guambiano tribe, I had to become faster than their reaction to hide or cover their faces from the camera, it was time to use my fast gun, my 50-1.2 was the lens for the task.

With an aperture capacity of 1.2, shutter speed is not an issue, I could snap my camera from my waist to my eye and shoot in fractions of seconds and shoot before they could react.  Auto focus acted against me, one opportunity to rust off my craft expertise, with such a short focal spam the focus needed to be precise, after a couple of blurred shots I found my mojo, I was getting some crisp, awesome, spontaneous portraits of the Guambianos, the trip was saved.

Guambiano Woman

Taking the Sun

After shooting for a while we had a break, we went for lunch and ate the best sancocho of my life, we were done by 1PM, with my cards full of awesome shots to share with you all.

I hope you liked the story, I’ll do my best to keep them coming.

Shoot some good ones today.



Shooting at Silvia Cauca

After the mission was completed

Happy Photographers

The photographers Shooting at Silvia Cauca

Guambiano girl

Guambiano girl

Guambiano Young Woman

Guambiano Young Woman

Guambiano Old Woman

Guambiano Old Woman

Guambiano women


Welcome to our new site!

Hi there!

Welcome to our new website, we are very proud to showcase more of our work in a more organized way, hoping we can deliver with a great tool to help you decide hiring us for your new project.

Please check out our portfolio, we have selected our best images for you; please linger on the details, we have put a lot of love into capturing and enhancing these images.

Lastly, please leave us a note in our comments or contact page; there’s nothing we like more than feedback, it makes us better.

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Here’s a pic I captured of the central fountain of Mizner Park in Boca Raton Florida.